Cosmetology license in hawaii

A request to restore more than 3 years after forfeiture will require a written explanation along with supporting documentation and shall be subject to approval by the board.
Questionable issues on your application are subjective to executive officer review or board meeting.
An applicant can either attend a cosmetology school or complete an apprenticeship.
You may also combine these hours by counting one school hour for every two apprentice hours.
The general rule on getting a Hawaii cosmetology license by endorsement is that you need a current license from another state plus one year of experience as a cosmetologist.
Use this bulletin to find study references and exam outlines for preparing for the test.
Use the information in the exam bulletin to register for your Hawaii cosmetology exam.
You will receive your Hawaii cosmetology license after following those instructions and submitting any additional fees.
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To get started with getting your license you would need to apply at the Hawaii state board of cosmetology .
You may reinstate for up to three years after expiration by following very specific reinstatement procedures.
To renew your cosmetology license in Hawaii you need to provide the Hawaii cosmetology board with your renewal form and renewal fee.
Cosmetology Reciprocity In Hawaii Hawaii grants reciprocity to all applicants with a current license from a state with equal or greater requirements.
Work experience could be considered for applicants from states where fewer training hours are required to get licensed.
Your work experience in certain states may also be credited toward the substantially equivalent requirement.
The information on this page does not reflect whether other states recognize Texas licenses.
All others can apply for a temporary license through the Hawaii Board of Cosmetology and Barbering.
California cosmetologist license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.
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